• Kalistra O'Brandin is the founder and editor of the chronicle agency The Azeroth Portrayer.

    The O'Brandin clan derives its name from its founder, Brandin, who in mythological times went in search of the promised land, Aurvang. More legends and tales about the clan and its members are to be found in this library.

    On a ship to Auberdine, quite a while ago, Kalistra met one of the most prominent representatives of O'Brandin, Master Mazarin Artelever, who introduced her to the rest of the Clan. As proud as she is of being a member of this noble congregation, Kalistra keeps interests and activities outside the clan's most immediate objectives. Remarkably, she likes to travel through the Human Kingdom, Azeroth, and take part in the social/business life of the capital, Stormwind.

    What they say about her:
    "...A very dedicated person..."