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    We're Freckles and Speckles Snapwiggle. Twin sisters and Snapographers.

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    Oh, delightful! I really look forward to running into you two. A friend of mine said that you'd probably like some of ym outfits. *snickers*

    Keep up the splendid work!


    Thank you two for brighting up our world!

    Really great what your doing and you made a very nice site for it.



    Hahaha! Nice!

    Really nice photos, good job ^^.


    I.C: I over 'eard a certain.."Gnome's" name inside the Pig and Whistle. I've dealt with this "Gnome" before, and if he causes ye any problems ye just tell me or one of the watchmen..but please, if you have any questions..I can glady answer them and make yer stay in our glorious city that bit better.


    Hello ladies

    I must say very impressive work here. I love you shot you got of little shifte he is a hard one to catch *giggles*.



    You are my favourite ladies.. well, except from Kinly (m new Fiancé *grins*) im glad you will be photographers at our wedding. I like your Snaparoid of me *flex* ((its my new MSN display pic :) ))



    This was just great! Haven't seen anything like it for ages. I've seen you around, but had no idea something like this was behind the cute gnome-faces. Wheeee!!! :D


    I hope you'll get use off the Super snapper FX I gave you ^^


    I'm sure ye lads will be jumping to get a picture of ol' Keirlan and his new Rich Purple Silk Shirt!


    I promise I'll take me yearly bath..

    Keep up the good work!

    Zubin Stormbolt

    Great work Snap Sisters.

    You've been a great addition to life on the AD server, and I hope you keep the good work up!

    Yours in thankfulness for your work.
    Zubin Stormbolt.

    ((my, that was very formal....great work girls!))


    Your site is absolutely fantastic. Really well done and put together. Have never met you in-game but am glad that you're around to capture RP memories and keep them alive. Again, well done!


    It's good to catch up on what's happening while I'm gone. I don't know what I'd do without ye two.


    *cheers for the Snap Sisters* This site is really fun, RP should allways be like this, im happy i joined the AD. Keep up the good work *smiles*


    that is just such a beautiful wedding album :) thank you both so much!

    *hugs* Ilph

    Slide Moon

    "Hrm... well the grumpy bugger looks happy. Good for him. I must say his bride looks lovely. Some very happy expressions of her are nicely captured!"

    Slide's gaze lingers on a red-haired woman in one of the picture. With all the will he has, he turns his head away and takes off.

    "Get it out of your head, you fool. There's just no way."


    Very nice, ladies. As always. Those wedding snapshots are great. But figures I'd blink in them. I always end up blinking. Keep up the good work!

    (contact me in game. I think I might have another photo opportunity for you)


    Nice to see someone still making an effort towards showing off the RP side of the server, as it looks like 'The Voice' has gone cold since we did Rome'jin and Julizette.


    Good to see this is still goin'. 'The Voice' has been updated were rather strange.


    Aye, it's me again, the incredibly drunken...errr...drunk. Stopped in to say yer doin' a great job. I'm takin' a nice holiday to a secret island, so if ye see Ducku...Ducko...Duckulan...if ye see Duck, tell 'im to hold a beer fer me!


    I Love you girls


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    Wedding Zubin and Binkles

    • Love and marriage.
      On Friday 21st March, Duckular left a note for me on the bed that said something along the lines of: "Frecks, Zubin and Binkles are getting married today. I am afraid I can't make it, hope you can!" With those loving words he left me hurrying towards the mailbox to find my own invitation to the wedding! ***************************************************************************************

      "Binkles and Zubin invite YOU AND ONE GUEST to...


      ..Friday 21st. Mystic Ward Ironforge Mountain, Khaz Modan. Please accept our apologies for the late invitation on this long planned and happy event. Zubin is quite lazy when it comes to posting these. We would love to see you there at 8 PM outside the Mystic Ward to celebrate this event with us"
      *************************************************************************************** Wohaaa! I needed to prepare and get myself ready! And find a present! And really people should use the Stormwind Postal Service for postal deliveries like that. Swift and personal! Anyhow I was really happy for Binkles to have found happiness, so I hurried off to prepare for the wedding! More snaps are inside!

    Netherleaf Market Guild SnapShoot

    • Netherleaf Market Portrait
      It has been a while that The Snap Sisters were invited for a guild snapshoot, but last week I received a letter in our mailbox in which The Snap Sisters were asked to have a Snapshoot with The Netherleaf Market. I was really excited as finally Stormy has a market again that is held regularly. Since I haven't been to one yet I was excited to meet the people behind the market and maybe have a small talk with its sales(wo)men. Push the Buttons on the Beam-O-Rama to see how the guild snapshoot turned out! As you can see above the one that asked me to do this snapshoot was thrilled himself!

    Westbrook Charity Gala

    • All things come to an end.
      July 2007 A couple of weeks ago The Snap Sisters were invited to the Westbrook Charity Gala, a gala for the rich and wealthy classes of Stormwind and beyond to collect donations for the Stormwind Orphanage. Of course sis and I were happy to attend and take the invitation to make a Snapture album to feature on the Beam-O-Rama. So have a look inside and see what happened that 9th day of June!

    Professional Snaparoid Service

    • by Speckles Snapwiggle

      1 Snaparoid (20 silver)
      Portrait series (1 gold)
      Guild portrait (20 silver)*
      Event (per hour) (1 gold)

      Fees do not include travelcosts**
      Pricing for other snaparoid services on request***

      * per member
      ** gryphon cost
      *** zoom lens available

    The Portrayer

    • Snap Sisters ad