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From Frecks notes: That night the Watch shouted "The Clock Strikes Uhm.. Seven, and one more Time. And All is Well. Watch is off Duty and on the Ball! Have a nice night!"

Sometime ago The Legitimate Business Club organized a Watchman's Ball, in honor of the City Watch. Sis went there and made these photos...unfortunately not so many. Her notes say she became a bit ill that night. Maybe it was the flue? I am trying to remember when this was, but I don't know. Where was I? As Sis is still working on an important weddingalbum I will try to finish this report based on her notes.

It says there was lots to drink and eat, Duckular told jokes and there were three prizes:
One for a Watchman who seemed to have left his brain in the Watch office, named Dowen B. Eldal. Watchman of the year was Mr. Slide Moon. Thats real nice. And there was an award for outstanding achievement, which went to "the late Eldal". Late? He also won the third prize. Oh wait! This prize must have been for his brother, the Sergeant, who Kalistra O'Brandin interviewed for the first issue of her Azeroth Portrayer.