> Stormball


Rushball... the greatest sports on Azeroth! I mean, after all, that's how I met Duckie. I still remember the day we first met and... wait, that's not what I was going to. Yes Rushball, we all know the sports and it's a sad idea that the arena once hustling and buzzing with the cheerful and friendly curses for catching balls and player tackling, is now empty. But as Duck said.. it is quite a travel for a weekly event, everyone is staying in Stormwind again lately, so why not bring sports to the city? Such a brilliant idea.

Duck came up with this complicated system, no no, that came out all wrong, Duck came up with this perfect and easy to understand system, but you really have to ask him the details, I'm only the reporter! Can't wait? Just push that button on the Beam-O-Rama and let's roll!