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Road of the Fog or Banshee Way

Road of the Fog or Banshee Way

We'll warn you. This is not the "Tourist Guide to Duskwood" like we had in mind. We all know what took place that day...Anyway, we looked through the photo's, made with Frecks camera, in order to find clues about what happened that evening.

Sir Nightstar explained that this road is called Fogroad, as twice a year a huge fog of nether floats over it, coming from Kharazan. It contains tortured souls. Isn't that awkward? Local legends say that people who walk into the fog die instantly and join the spirits. Nothing to laugh about.

Strange Woman
Oh, and we should mention the attack on our lives near the Gryphon Station in Darkshire, a couple of weeks before this tour. A woman came from the shadows. Demanding photo's we "should not have taken." Duckie was there. We managed to hide our camera from her. Who was she?

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